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The chosen site displays the work in an appropriate way. The site adds context and meaning to the window prints. The surroundings of real windows is very effective next to the tax windows; which have been replaced by the prints. This intervention was successful in knowing the audience of people which live within the site got to see and notice the change from the prints being put up in their everyday surrounding.


Intervention Week

Recreate Appreciate is a project exploring the framing of an environment; to enhance appreciation and understanding of these surrounding’s. Focusing on building’s with window  tax features, adding artwork and perspective to environments of this nature; in comparison to earlier works which highlighted the removing of landscapes. This project is individual, but collaboratively involved in intervention week:

During intervention week, artworks selected from Recreate Appreciate will be presented in the public domain:

The project will be demonstrating these fresh framing’s of surrealist skyscape’s on:

Thursday 9th May-12 noon 


Saturday 11th May -12 noon

The YSJ Grange Accomodation Site

Experiement: A new approach to framing our surroundings

Mirror Reflection

photo (39)

Natural Reflactions – Weather


During the project i explored many methods of framing the environment , both above had successful aesthetically pleasing results. However both methods were simply reflections of the environment in front of me. The reflection methods did not add any extra content or added meaning, which would help create a resolved artwork. These ideas did not achieve the aim of getting the public to appreciate their surroundings. It was just a new way of looking at surrounding

Finding a site

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.”

Georgia O’Keeffe

For intervention week and for resolving the project; it was crucial to find an appropriate site for the final piece of artworks. With finding a site it must help to convey the messages within the artwork you wish to portray, and be appropriate to the nature, subject matter and audience which makes most sense to the project.

One of my thoughts during the early stages of the project, was to create a website as a method of finally presenting the work. However like the quote above this is simply a method and a way for myself to see the artwork. However is not the most appropriate method of showing and allowing the public to understand the depth and messages within the work.

How does my chosen site help ‘others’ to see and understand the full intentions of the artwork?

The chosen site is a living space inhabited by many students , it is an everyday environment for the students, this is an important aspect of my project. I have focused on day to day life, it is to make a statement focusing on an feature from these everyday surroundings. This feature was 3 tax windows which i will be replacing this view with 3 prints of frames. It is the audience;being the students, that the art work responds to as it is intervening their everyday life.

The Yorkshire Walls

The main concept behind my work,surrounds the element of encouraging a specific target audience to appreciate the surroundings they see everyday through a piece of artwork. This concept was established after collecting material during a walk on the Yorkshire Walls. The wall is an everyday part of life, which i walk past everyday. So walking the wall […]

The Virtual Window By Anne Friedberg

“As we spend more and more of our time staring at the screen of movies, televisions, computers, and handheld devices “windows” full of moving images, text, and icons- how the world is framed has become as important as what is in the frame”


Anne Friedberg presents a new modern context towards the word and meaning of framing life and objects. Making connections and taking knowledgeable research from Leon Alberti and Microsoft. Friedberg draws upon these resources within 21st century society, focusing  not only on framing with our eyes through traditional representations of windows and doors. Also through technology. Their are many examples that achieve this new outlook on framing but also have a primary purpose. For example digital windows are used for business advertisement, shop windows, billboards, bus shelters adverts, architecture and design.

The examination on ‘The Virtual Window by Friedberg, gave me a fresh perspective on how i defined framing, which then altered how i approached art based work surrounding the subject matter of framing an environment. This consequently lead me to consider what it would mean to use technology in this way and how i did this would define the view and perspective i wanted to create. Friedberg allows you to open your eyes to what you see and the opportunities your vision can present alondside your skills.

Unexpected Reflections Artist Research

Unexpected Reflections

JD Beltran, Jim Campbell, Gigi Janchang, Marion Gray

Curated by Terri Cohn at Meridian Gallery

These collaborative artwork’s also demonstrate the possibilities created by advancing technology, also discussed in the post on The Virtual Window by Anne Friedberg.

JD Beltran’s work splits a single composition into four different media using painting, photography, film, and video.

Jim Campbell’s work travels a color-pixel across two portraits, illuminating the relationships between perception, memory, and light.

These two artists were part of an exhibition curated by Terri Cohn at the Meridian Gallery in San Francisco March 2010.

The link below shows the artworks in motion during this exhibition:


Also another approach to consider when working with material from the landscape and focusing on framing,is not only the use of media  and video, but incorporating a complex artwork involving both still image and a digitally moving image. Both media of the same place, would create an interesting illusion.

At the start


Recreate Appreciate is a current project which focusses on highlighting everyday life. This project explores recreating spaces, removing spaces and using the power of perception and illusion within the public domain. To gather material to create artworks of this nature. Giving a meaning and appreciation back into landscapes which have become unnoticed aspects of life; just part of the background.